Learn all about Disneyland Paris from this amazing blogger who lives in Paris My name is Andrea Romero, I am 25 and I am a British Latina expatriate living in Paris. I am also a Magic Plus pass holder and go to the parks at most every other weekend. My Instagram and my blog is a space is all about Disney merch, news, food and holidays that is focused on Disneyland Paris. It is also a place where I focus on making sure everyone is updated on the latest updates and changes to the DLP experience. My blog also focuses on advice, reviews and personal trips. I do a couple of series’ on Instagram. Either or Wednesday (where we play a game of is or that on my story), Distory Friday (where we uncover facts about a Disney film). This year I have more community based series’ coming to the page, ‘whats up DLP’ will be a Monday segment about DLP holiday Q&A. “The Dischat” is a fortnightly segment on Thursday, where we have a group discussion about current issues and subjects about DLP (like dining, accessibility, service). Then every Sunday I give in-depth shout outs To five pages. It’s a space where they can tell us about it their content. Use #jointheearsclub to be a part of it. Then lastly lol I have a monthly series called “magical voices” where I give space to a page or influencer that has a unique experience at DLP (ie, from a minority, with a disability, with kids, single...)
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Disneyland Paris